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LinkedIn Selling Has Never Been Easier

The key to selling with LinkedIn is to first niche down to a highly targeted prospect list so we can personalize messaging, then scale outreach through the LinkedIn inbox.

Our 4-Step LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Step 1: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build a dream prospect list.

Find the right decision makers faster by using 20+ advanced search filters
Prioritize companies based on size, growth, revenue, and more
Discover new people based on your sales preference

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is required to build hyper-targeted lists on LinkedIn, opening you up to 20+ advanced search filters, and enabling you to send more outreach messages per day than with a standard account.

With 61 million active senior-level influencers on LinkedIn, it’s certain you will reach decision-makers.

A core mistake most people make with LinkedIn outreach is sending generic messages to a broad list. Most outreach looks like this:

Three reasons why the message above will most likely not get accepted:

1. Blurry profile photo
2. Vague LinkedIn headline that doesn’t relate to me.
3. Templated connection request message that says nothing about my LinkedIn profile.

You can use lesser-known, expert tactics like boolean search to tighten lists for very specific niches.

Step 2: Write cold outbound copy that actually gets responses.

The top 3 most common mistakes that tank response rates on LinkedIn:
  1. Vague messages: Avoid industry fluff words (maximize, end-to-end, save time...) and speak to a specific niche, so you can use insider lingo prospects actually use. Niching down massively boosts response rates.
  2. Too long: Anything over 5-6 sentences tends to be skimmed over on LinkedIn, especially when viewing on mobile. Tell your potential client how you can make their life better in as few words as possible. Many of our top performing messages are 1-3 sentences.
  3. No social proof: A prospects first inclination is to not believe you. So, it’s critical to either name drop notable clients, state specific results you’ve gotten, or point to real case studies.
Cleverly writes message sequences that are clear, conversational, and value-driven for your prospect.

Step 3: Scale LinkedIn Outreach Messages

Here’s how our message sequence works:
Cleverly writes message sequences that are clear, conversational, and value-driven for your prospect.
Free InMails sent to Open Profiles
Connection requests with personalized messages
4-touch follow-up messages

Once connected to you, a prospect becomes a 1st degree connection, and is in your network forever, so you nurture them with follow-ups and content.

Cleverly sends 2-5 followup messages to your prospects, so we can provide more value in the sequence. For example, touch 3 is often a case study, proving your results.

Open InMails
Very few people know that some LinkedIn profiles, called Open Profiles, allow you to bypass the connect request and send a free InMail to them, without using an InMail credit. Cleverly filters these profiles out, and scales messages to them.

Step 4: Reply to leads and set calls

You’ll receive an email notification for every response you get, in addition to a client dashboard automatically set up for you, for easy upload to your CRM and for streamlined lead follow up.

Are you ready to book more meetings and increase your revenue?

LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn automation done right is personalized and tailored. The heavy lifting done up front will leave you with a specific segment of prospects, and copy that speaks directly to that niche. For example, we may create a list in the construction industry, but go a step further and only target  people with the job titles BIM or VDC Manager, which are specific titles in the space. Doing so, allows us to speak to pain points those people face, which makes messages look natural and not-automated. 

After selecting a niche, the key is to send as many messages as possible, which is where LinkedIn automation saves you hours a day of manual searching, clicking, pasting, and following up.


LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the #1 network for B2B companies in the world and the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content, with 94% of B2B marketers posting to LinkedIn. If you’re not leveraging LinkedIn for marketing, you’re missing out on sales.

LinkedIn has 500+ million members and 61 million of those users are senior-level influencers.

LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs.
Studies show that sales reps with high social network activity achieve 45% more sales opportunities, and are 51% more likely to hit their sales quotas.


LinkedIn Social Selling

Social selling is the process of building relationships with prospects through valuable content, relevant outreach and consistent followup. Some of the many aspects of LinkedIn social selling that we’re equipped to help you with include:

Building connections
Direct messaging that starts real conversation with others
Content (posting your own and engaging
Asking for referrals
Reaching out to potential partners
Researching prospects through their LinkedIn profile
Creating a LinkedIn profile optimized for sales

Capabilities of Our LinkedIn Sales Outreach

Our LinkedIn Sales Outreach Team has launched thousands campaigns for 1,000+ active clients, which has allowed us to analyze mass amounts of performance data, making us experts. After you tell us the types of clients you want to work with and fill out our questionnaire, we pull every important lever to make you successful—profile optimization, targeting, messaging and sending.


Our Proven LinkedIn Outreach Process

Using your criteria, we craft messages that cater specifically to the business you want, and that use the tone of your company’s brand identity. Then, we’ll follow up with them four or more times so they know you’re reliable and persistent when you need to be.​

On average, Cleverly's clients are seeing between 25-75 new conversations with their ideal buyers per month for every 1,000 prospects engaged.


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