Attract hundreds of hot leads by targeting your ideal customers on LinkedIn with the best tool.

LinkedIn lead gen tools are only as good as the quality of targeting lists and outreach messages. With Cleverly you get the #1 tool and proven strategies based on data from thousands of successful clients.

151.4 K

Client leads generated

$37.6 M

Client revenue generated

$229 M

Client pipeline generated

Send automated LinkedIn connections and follow-ups. View campaign performance data in real-time. 

The Cleverly dashboard shows you an updated snapshot of your LinkedIn campaigns, including metrics like Connection Rate, Reply Rate, Total Number of Invitations Sent, and Total Number of Replied.

This allows you to monitor your campaign's performance quickly and get actionable insights on steps to improve responses.

Easily manage sales conversations and spend less time replying with custom templates.

We know it's challenging to keep track of conversations on LinkedIn.

Our platform integrates with LinkedIn to give you a better way to manage, track, and respond to prospects – including "click-and-send" templates to save you hours responding. 

Track your LinkedIn replies and snooze messages for responding later to maximize productivity.

The Cleverly dashboard acts as a built-in LinkedIn CRM to keep track of your prospects in the sales cycle.

Filter messages by Campaigns, Tags, Response Sentiment, Snoozed, or Unread to keep your sales pipeline organized, and never miss a reply again.

View all your prospect's LinkedIn contact information and add custom tags for easier tracking.

View contact information for every LinkedIn prospect and your entire LinkedIn conversation history in one tab.

Take notes on any prospect and add custom tags for easier segmentation and searchability. Also, schedule your replies to go out at a later time and date to maximize productivity.

Export your LinkedIn contacts and add them to your company’s CRM.

See all your sent connection invitations and track whether your prospects have responded or which stage of the automation they're in.

Filter new LinkedIn connections by name, campaign, tags, location, date, email, and phone number. Export contact info and download the connection list based on your parameters to add to your CRM.

Edit your LinkedIn outreach messages anytime to improve your campaign continually. 

View the exact messages being sent out from your Cleverly campaigns and instantly make copy adjustments.
Although we create your LinkedIn outreach messages, you can make tweaks and improvements based on campaign feedback. If you prefer, you can contact us to review and get feedback on your messaging edits.

Chat real-time with our expert LinkedIn client success team and get the best tactics to generate results.

Chat in real-time with top LinkedIn experts within the dashboard.

Get your questions answered, learn how to use dashboard features, and get insights from top-performing campaigns to convert more prospects.