Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Cleverly?

Cleverly is a proven and complete LinkedIn lead generation agency that does all the top of funnel work for you (100% done-for-you).

  1. Figure out the right campaign strategy and choose your best niche to target
  2. Build qualified lists of your key decision makers active on LinkedIn
  3. Write tested and clear cold outreach messages that actually get responded to
  4. Send thousands of direct and personal messages to qualified decision makers you approve of
  5. Generate positive responses straight to your LinkedIn inbox for you to close the deal

As your personal LinkedIn resource, Cleverly is focused on optimizing your campaign so you can convert responses into solid relationships and sales opportunities. While real connections can take time, we're here every step of the way to help you realize your goals on the platform.

How long has Cleverly been in business?

Cleverly has been in business for 3 years as of January 1st, 2020. We have worked with over 2,500 B2B companies across dozens of industries compiling a treasure chest of performance data on what works and what doesn’t, which we pass onto clients for the best results.

What are all the services offered by Cleverly?

Below is a list of all our current services. You can learn more about each service by clicking the attached link.

1. LinkedIn Lead Generation
LinkedIn Recruiting
LinkedIn Job Seeking
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
White-label Program

How many clients has Cleverly worked with?

Cleverly has worked with over 2,500 B2B companies across dozens of industries.

Where can I view Cleverly's client reviews?

You can view our client reviews by using this link and you can watch our client testimonial videos by using this link.

What types of companies does Cleverly work with?

Mostly small and medium sized B2B companies across the United States. Here is a list of the top industries Cleverly runs and manages campaigns for:

- Accounting
- Commercial Real Estate
- Computer & Network Security
- Computer Software
- Design
- E-Learning
- Events Services
- Financial Services
- Graphic Design
- Health, Wellness and Fitness
- Human Resources
- Information Technology and Services
- Insurance
- Internet
- Investment Banking
- Investment Management
- Legal Services
- Management Consulting
- Marketing and Advertising
- Online Media
- Outsourcing/Offshoring
- Professional Training & Coaching
- Program Development
- Publishing
- Real Estate
- Staffing and Recruiting
- Technology Startups
- Telecommunications
- Venture Capital & Private Equity
- Writing and Editing

Does Cleverly have a referral partner program that pays commission?

Yes, we do have a referral partner program that pays out 15% commission for the first 3 months on every one that is referred. We have a 65% close rate for anyone referred to us, so there is a very high chance anyone you refer will sign up.

Total commission payouts for our most popular plans:

  • Silver ($297/mo) = $134
  • Gold ($397/mo) = $180
  • Platinum ($597/mo) = $224

Use this link to become a Cleverly referral partner.

Can I get the data of the prospects Cleverly is reaching out to?

Yes. Cleverly can send you the names, company names, titles, and LinkedIn URL's of the prospects your campaign has reached out to.

How do I track results or see analytics from Cleverly’s campaigns?

Cleverly keeps track of campaign results and metrics through our custom client dashboard that all clients get access to during their onboarding process. We track the following metrics:

- Invites Sent
- New Connections
- Total Replies
- Interested Replies
- Maybe Replies
- Not Interested Replies

Can Cleverly help me optimize my LinkedIn profile?

Yes. Cleverly offers a complete LinkedIn profile optimization for $499 as one-time fee. Please use this link to view the process and to sign up.

Can I send Cleverly a list of specific individuals to send messages to?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to upload custom lists to engage. If you have a custom list, you will need to create and save those prospects within a saved search in your LinkedIn sales navigator and we then can use that list for your campaign.

Do I need to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to use Cleverly?

Yes. Cleverly does not cover the cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The exact cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is $79.99/month (your 1st month is free). You can use this link to sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Does Cleverly need access to my LinkedIn account?

Yes. We gain access to your LinkedIn profile on the onboarding call. What makes Cleverly’s lead generation campaigns so successful is that the outreach is coming directly from you or someone else at your company. Adding that extra personal touch will increase your positive response rate drastically.

Is there a risk of my profile being suspended by LinkedIn if I use Cleverly?

No. Cleverly always stays under LinkedIn’s daily outreach limits and never sends spam messages.

Does Cleverly respond to prospects for me?

No. We’ve found clients are the best at handling responses from their leads.

How do I make changes to Cleverly’s targeting filters?

Recommend changes to Cleverly by going to LinkedIn > Sales Navigator > Advanced Search > and play around with filters. For advanced help, reach out to your account manager and we’ll help you make changes to targeting.

How do I make changes to Cleverly’s messaging copy?

Recommend edits to each message inside your shared Cleverly Client Google Document. For advanced help, reach out to your account manager and we’ll strengthen your copy.

You can also make copy edits to your outreach messages within our client dashboard.

Does Cleverly send messages to my current 1st degree network?

No. Cleverly excludes all your current connections prior to launching your LinkedIn outreach campaign.

What types of messages does Cleverly send?

Cleverly sends the 3 types of messages below:

1) Connection requests with or without a personalized message (this depends on your preference)

2) 1st degree messages after the connection request has been accepted (this is only sent to new 1st degree connections Cleverly has generated for you)

3) Free InMails (only sent to LinkedIn profiles with an "open" profile)

How long does it take to get launched with Cleverly?

On average it takes 3-10 business days to get launched from the day you sign up.

Can I run more than one LinkedIn account with Cleverly?

Yes. You can run as many accounts as you'd like or have access to. Our largest client is running 100+ LinkedIn accounts with us.

How long should I wait before responding to the 1st degree connections Cleverly has made?

We recommend you respond as soon as possible. The faster you respond the more likely you will get a response back. You can respond whenever you like and that prospect will automatically get taken out of your campaign and won't receive anymore follow up messages.

What is Cleverly's refund policy?

Cleverly does not offer any refunds after you sign up. This is due to the amount of work and time it requires to craft your campaign strategy, create qualified targeting lists, write persuasive sales messages, and manage your campaign.

How do I add more LinkedIn accounts to my Cleverly campaigns?

Please email your account manager and they will direct your in the right direction for signing up additional accounts with Cleverly.

Can I login into my LinkedIn account whenever I want after I launch with Cleverly?

Yes. It is highly recommended you refrain from sending a high volume of your own outreach messages or connection requests at the same time your Cleverly campaign is active.

How often can I make changes to my Cleverly campaigns?

Once per month but if your campaigns are not performing well then Cleverly will make sure to adjust targeting and messaging to ensure success. Please email your account manager or if you think your Cleverly campaigns are not performing well. We also monitor all campaigns on a daily basis and will proactively reach out if adjustments needs to made for better results.

Do I get my own point of contact at Cleverly?

Yes. You’re assigned your dedicated account manager on the day we launch.

Does Cleverly white-label its services?

Yes. Please schedule a free consultation here and mention you are interested in white-labeling Cleverly.

What is Cleverly’s hours of operations?

Monday through Friday from 9am PST to 5pm PST.

How does Cleverly ensure the security of my payment information?

We use Stripe to secure our payments. Always ensuring that your credit card details remain protected.

What should I do if I have questions and I don't see an answer here?

Send us an email at We will respond with an answer the same day you send your email.

Is Cleverly compliant?

Yes. None of the communication within our messaging violates the compliance SEC and FINRA compliance guidelines.

Should I wait to implement a solution like this?

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. We are the first to market with a tool like this, and the opportunity to create a new channel of qualified leads is there for the taking.

Are my ideal customers really out there?

Yes. They are doing research, learning about new job opportunities and "keeping their finger on the pulse" of business.

Do cold LinkedIn outreach campaigns really work?

Yes, but remember this isn’t your typical “cold outreach”. The outreach goes to those people that are in your niche target and have been vetted based on the data available. Also, the value you give in your questionnaire is extremely important.

What does my LinkedIn Profile need to communicate?

You need to have a clean, informative profile that communicates your value, has a call to action (CTA) and shows who you are. Bonus points if you can include links to your website, content you’ve written or any other brand building materials. You can check our our blog post explaining how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

What if I don't have budget for Cleverly?

We are a top of funnel lead generation agency that will help you generate qualified leads. Think about how much you would pay for a lead who is willing to get a phone call or meet for coffee with you - we provide 5-10 of these leads per month and if you close 1 of those leads, Cleverly will pay for itself.

How many new clients will I get from this?

We don’t give you clients, we give you qualified leads that want to talk to you. Your results will be unique to you and your business. If you have a great offer and a proven sales strategy, you will see results.