#1 LINKEDIN course: LEAD GENERATION & marketing

Learn the recession proof skills of LinkedIn marketing in this course to actually close deals.

The only LinkedIn marketing course that teaches you proven LinkedIn strategies, tactics, & systems used to drive tens of millions in revenue for 7,179+ Companies, Professionals, Solopreneurs, & Freelancers.
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"Thanks to Cleverly, our brand and web design studio has generated $24,545 in new business over a 3-month span. What's more, the quality of clients and projects we signed on through LinkedIn has been amazing!"

- Tiffany Field, Web Design Firm

The #1 LinkedIn marketing course that has helped thousands of companies

We’ll show you how to automate and scale your business without paid ads. Because we've tried and tested a new, easier way to get leads on demand.

What you'll learn in this LinkedIn course:
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We've helped over 7,179 Professionals, Solopreneurs, & Freelancers predictably drive leads & close deals on LinkedIn

Let us show you how step-by-step with this LinkedIn marketing course.
151,400 leads generated
$37.6 million revenue generated
$229 million client pipeline filled

In this marketing course learn to easily grow & monetize your LinkedIn account

The exact system we used to help our clients generate 150,000+ booked meetings and $37,000,000+ in new revenue.

How to use this course to drive leads & close more deals on LinkedIn


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What you'll learn in our LinkedIn lead generation & marketing course

1.   Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to the Course!
LinkedIn Fundamentals
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Fundamentals

2.   Module 1: Cold Outreach Fundamentals

Lesson 1: LinkedIn Overview
Lesson 2: Prospecting Psychology
Lesson 3: Inbound vs. Outbound Leads
Lesson 4: The Basics of "Social Selling"

3.   Module 2: How to Find Your Dream Clients on LinkedIn

Lesson 1: Defining Your Target Audience
Lesson 2: Build Your Ideal Prospect List on Sales Navigator
Lesson 3: The "Magic" 500
Lesson 4: How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Expand Your Network

4.   Module 3: How to Write Outbound Messages that Get Positive Response

Lesson 1: Outbound Messaging Overview
Lesson 2: How to Craft a Compelling Connection Request Message
Lesson 3: One-Liner (Copy Tactic #1)
Lesson 4: Irresistible Offers (Copy Tactic #2)
Lesson 5: "Loaded Crispies" & Illuminating Questions (Copy Tactic #3)
Lesson 6: Content as a Value-Add Strategy (Copy Tactic #4)
Lesson 7: Social Proof (Copy Tactic #5)
Lesson 8: Objection in Advance (Copy Tactic #6)
Lesson 9: Humor (Copy Tactic #7)
Lesson 10: Tying Everything Together (+ Top Performing Examples)

5.   Module 4: Set Up, Automate, and Scale Your LinkedIn Outreach

Lesson 1: Why Should You Scale?
Lesson 2: What to Look For in LinkedIn Automation Tools
Lesson 3: Build Your Prospect List (Live Walkthrough)
Lesson 4: Set Up & Launch Your Automated Campaign

6.   Module 5: Optimization and Tweaking Your Campaign

Lesson 1: Analyzing Campaign Data
Lesson 2: LinkedIn Profile Optimization Masterclass
Lesson 3: How to Get Hyper-Targeted Prospecting Lists Using Exclusions
Lesson 4: Optimizing Your Follow-up Messages for Responses

7.   Module 6: Ninja Sales Tactics to Book Meetings

Lesson 1: The Progression of a Sale
Lesson 2: How to Handle the Top 6 Response Types
Lesson 3: Using Response Templates to 3X Productivity
Lesson 4: How to Keep Track of Leads and Follow-up Effectively

8.   Module 7: Building Your Brand

Lesson 1: How to Create Killer Content that Goes Viral
Lesson 2: Recommendations & Referrals
Lesson 3: Building a Tribe & Engaging with Prospects

9.   Bonuses

Top Sequences for Agencies
Top Templates for Bookkeepers & CPAs
Top Templates for IT & Cybersecurity & Cloud
Top Templates for Outsourcing & Offshoring
Top Templates for Recruiters
Top Sequences for Consultants
Top Sequences for Custom Data and Software Development
Top Sequences for SEO and Web Development Firms
How to Follow-up Over E-mail
How to Send a Great LinkedIn Voice Message (4-Step Formula)
Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Optimization Guide
The Easiest LinkedIn Content Strategy (5 Minutes a Day to Get Inbound Leads!)
Dream 100 Strategy: (How to Work With Dream Clients to 2X Your Sales)
Niche Case Studies
[Exclusive Client Webinar] How to Reply to Prospects to Book 2X More Meetings

Testimonials from our students

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Johny Brunsen
CEO, Marketing Agency
I'm a huge believer in Cleverly. For cold outreach this is as warm as it gets. Multiple closed deals out of the program, some conversations leading to proposals in just the first days and weeks of the program.
Chris Patterson
Director of Sales, SAAS Company
I closed my first deal with a lead through the Cleverly platform in exactly one month from the day my campaign started which exceeded expectations to say the least. My ROI is through the roof.
Jack Morris
Account Executive, Consulting Firm
The Cleverly team is everything they said they would be and more. We've spent about $900 so far and are about to close a deal that should net $50k. HUGE ROI. Great response to all our inquiries.
Patrick Russel
Founder, Business Consultant
I am very pleased with my Cleverly campaign. After the first 15 days they produced a call for me that may result if a mega deal. They also made another large contact for me who may be open to my proposal mid summer.
Brandon Adas
Director, Recruiting Agency
Cleverly helped me launch targeted LinkedIn campaigns that generated over 10 meetings with high level contacts at major tech companies. They also helped me nurture my network to stay top of mind and relevant.
Haroldas Poglitsch
CEO, Copywriting Service
Cleverly paid off within 20 days, and MASSIVELY! (my services are high-ticket). Definitely worth, basically nothing to lose by trying if the return from a single client exceeds their affordable prices.
Joshua Clements
Founder, Corporate Swag Service
In the first couple of weeks I've received dozens of new connections, have dozens of current dialogs going with potential clients and even a couple of new projects in the works. I can't thank them enough for their services!
Denis Krylov
CMO, Creative Studio
Best product we've been using so far for our cold outreach campaigns. We got our first 5 digits project from a client we met through Cleverly, a bit over a month into using the LinkedIn to reach out to leads.
Tiffany Field
CEO, Web Deisgn Firm
Thanks to Cleverly, our brand and web design studio has generated $24,545 in new business over a 3-month span. What's more, the quality of clients and projects we signed on through Linkedin has been amazing!

Learn how to turn your LinkedIn profile in to a revenue driving machine

Stop worrying about where your next client is going to come from.

This course will walk you step-by-step to create profitable outbound LinkedIn campaigns. We take all the risk with a 30-day money back guarantee and have laid out the program step-by-step, so you can see results quickly.



How long do I have access to the course?

You'll have lifetime access to the course including any content updates and additional bonuses.

What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

You'll need your computer, an internet connection, a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription, and an automation tool to get the most out of this program. Every tool we recommend has a free 30-day trial, so there's no cost to get started.

What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question related to this course, email erik@cleverly.co and I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

Oh no! We promise that you'll get a ton of value and will see results if you follow the steps outlined in the program. But, in the unlikely event that you're unhappy, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Let us know and we will refund your payment within 30 days.

What about LinkedIn’s connection invite limits?

LinkedIn is constantly changing, so we update the training periodically for what's working right now. If you have any issues, you can share in the private Facebook group or shoot us an email and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Great! What can I expect when I purchase the course?

The course lessons are broken into 7 modules. After checkout, expect an email in the email address you used to sign up to the course inside our checkout page, within 5 minutes. That email will contain credentials to log onto our platform to access your course. As soon as you log-in, all the course videos will be available to you. We recommend you go through them chronologically and complete the action steps before going into the next lesson.

Will this work in my industry

Yes, this will work for 99.99% of B2B businesses. In the past 3 years, we've seen thousands of clients in every vertical from real estate to tech get results following the process we've outlined in the course. With over 700M+ LinkedIn users (and growing daily), your dream prospects are sure to be there!

Great! How much is the course?

The course is ne-time payment with lifetime updates. No additional payments or add-ons. We've priced so you get 10x the value you're paying for.

Want our team to do it for you?

We’ll write your outreach copy, buld your qualified prospect list, and send thousands of personalized messages for you.

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