Cleverly Client Verticals

We put together this list of some of our top client verticals to help companies fill in their strategic gaps and evolve their processes. From startups to established companies, our mission is to provide you with the best LinkedIn growth strategies.

Technology Startups

We actively run campaigns for hundreds startups and tech companies, and use performance data to apply best practices to new clients. Outbound B2B sales is both an art and a science, requiring crystal clear messaging with short, value-driven message sequences, to a niche target list.

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Software Companies

Software clients are part of an industry that’s sure to be on the cutting edge of digital solutions, which is why our AI solutions are perfect for hiring companies and their potential software clients.With Cleverly, our clients use lead generation to strengthen their online brand and expand their network faster than ever.

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Small Businesses

With more funding channels than ever before and a boom in new industries like technology, e-commerce, and more, it is an opportune time for small businesses and startups to grow larger. Because competition is abound, it is important for small businesses to stay in tune with market trends, including competitor strategies for marketing and employee branding.

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Financial Services

There is a host of networking channels to choose from when it comes from financial advisory services, including social networking sites, online message boards, and individual websites for financial advisory forms.LinkedIn is an especially useful tool in social selling because it allows you to demonstrate your financial expertise.

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Legal Services

Since the legal services industry relies heavily on referrals, our clients have found great success reaching out to potential clients and partners on LinkedIn.This is why lawyers are turning to LinkedIn, the #1 social media platform for B2B and social selling. Attorneys, mediators and firms are finding clients on LinkedIn, and summarizing their strengths.

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Real Estate Services

Massive deal sizes in the real estate industry allow multiple parties, such as investors, lenders, brokers, agents, developers and property managers to all win big. To land those opportunities, consistent deal flow must be built through lead generation. While traditional methods like networking and direct mail may work, those strategies are highly time-intensive, and increasingly competitive.

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