February 16, 2021

LinkedIn for Recruiters: How to Find Top Talent on LinkedIn

Employees are an integral component of any company. You want the best talent to fill your open positions to help your business thrive. The thing is you don’t always want to wait for potential candidates to come to you. Sometimes, you must go to them.

In today’s digital age, the internet has made this easier than ever. You only need to know where to look.

With over 700 million global users, LinkedIn is a veritable ocean of professionals showcasing their talent and expertise. Trying to sift through potential candidates on such a large platform can feel daunting. Sure, you have a larger pool to choose from, but how do you identify the best talent for your company? In this article, we’ll dive into how to easily find ideal candidates for your vacant positions on LinkedIn. We’ll also provide some tips to help you fill positions fast.

Why LinkedIn Is the Best Place to Find Candidates

LinkedIn might not be as large as other social media sites, but it’s still hailed as the best place to find top talent. Why is that? Well, for one, LinkedIn’s core purpose is to provide a place where professionals can connect and network with one another. Users have a much different mindset here than they do on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.  

Another reason why LinkedIn is such a great place to find candidates is that the site offers helpful tools that make the process easy. You can actively search for talent, set search parameters, view profiles, and send direct messages. There’s also LinkedIn Recruiter, a tool specifically designed to help recruiters find, connect with, and manage potential candidates that they want to be part of their teams.

How to Find Candidates on LinkedIn

There are a few ways you can go about finding candidates on LinkedIn:

Use the Search Function

One way to locate candidates is to perform searches on the platform. Using specific keywords can help to narrow down your options. You can hone your talent pool even further by conducting an advanced search. If you’re a LinkedIn Premium member, you can search by specific criteria such as years of experience, seniority, and more.

Join Relevant Groups

Joining groups that are relevant to your industry can help to connect you with others in your field. You may even find groups dedicated to specific roles such as CPAs or software engineers. Don’t just join these groups, however. The key is to be an active participant.

Use InMail

InMail allows you to message potential talent directly. If you find a profile that stands out and you think the individual will be a great fit for your company, you can reach out and get the conversation started.

Get LinkedIn Recruiter

If you recruit for many roles, you might want to consider getting LinkedIn Recruiter. You get access to more potential candidates and the ability to see their full profile. The tool allows you to save search results. You can also send more InMail messages with the ability to monitor their performance.

Best Practices and Strategies for Filling Positions Fast

LinkedIn doesn’t just help you find potential candidates to fill vacant roles within your company. With the right strategies, LinkedIn can help bring potential candidates to you to fill positions fast. Here are a few tips to help:

Create a Strong Company Page

Recruiters aren’t the only ones conducting searches on LinkedIn. Potential candidates use the search function to research companies. Ensure your company page is strong so that you make a great first impression.

Enable Applying Via LinkedIn

Enabling the ability to apply via LinkedIn allows candidates to apply without ever leaving the platform. You can also track and manage the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a recruitment medium.

Personalize InMail Messages

Avoid generic messages at all costs. Taking the time to craft personalized messages for each potential candidate will yield significantly better results. You’ll stand out and create a lasting impression, and those candidates are much more likely to respond.

Candidate POV: What Every Recruiter Looks for In a LinkedIn Profile

Now let’s take a quick look at recruiting from the candidate’s point of view. If you’re a candidate who wants to get noticed on LinkedIn, here are some of the things that every recruiter looks for:

· A complete profile

· A professional profile picture

· Qualifications that match the role they want to fill

· A robust list of contacts

· Recommendations

· Your accomplishments

Find the Best Candidates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers an incredible platform for finding top talent to fill open roles in your company. Knowing how to look for candidates and reach out to them can help you find ideal people who can help your company succeed.