December 1, 2022

Outsourced Lead Generation: Why 1,500+ Clients Trust Us

If you’re a marketing professional, you already know that a good sales pitch demands more than a mere description of your product or service. It requires standout messaging that gets the attention of, and appeals to, your potential customer. You also know that concepting, crafting, and communicating pitches takes time and resources.

Another area that consumes a lot of energy is sales lead generation. Acquiring the best leads can take as much time as making a sale itself.  If your business is spending too much time trying to find quality leads, you might not have enough resources for your sales processes, resulting in missed goals.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for businesses in this predicament. Outsourcing sales lead generation can be a gamechanger for marketing and sales teams looking to connect with leads they’ve been unable to find or reach. Below are just some of the major benefits of this approach.

Why Outsource Lead Generation?      

As many as 61% of marketing professionals identify lead generation as their top challenge. While they are experts in making sales, producing leads requires a different set of skills.  What’s more, 61% of marketers that generate their sales in-house report that they lack the staff, funding, and time to do so effectively.

The good news: marketing companies that outsource lead generation see a 43% improvement in lead return compared to those that generate leads in-house. By investing in an outsourced sales lead partner, your business can see an immediate improvement in both the quantity and quality of your sales leads.

More than half of all marketing companies report that lead generation takes up a solid majority of their budget. Generating enough leads to keep your business afloat may involve intensive email marketing, LinkedIn marketing, SEO, and marketing automation, to name a few.

This can make the process of sales lead generation feel like a catch-22. You need to generate large numbers of leads to keep your company profitable, but doing so successfully leaves you with less time to dedicate to existing clients.

The sheer number of variables can bring unpredictable expenses.  Lead outsourcing removes this uncertainty, allowing you to pay a flat fee to a service that takes up all the necessary tasks on your behalf. In addition to freeing up your time to invest in other aspects of the business, this leaves you with much greater control over your budget.

The Benefits of LinkedIn for Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

Photo of LinkedIn app nformation on Apple's App Store.

When it comes to sales lead generation, LinkedIn presents many advantages for businesses large and small. LinkedIn is unique among social media sites in part because of its abundant tools for connecting users based on shared business focus, interests, and industry needs. Of particular use is the ability to search for users by location, background, job title, group membership, and other identifiers. These tools are invaluable when using LinkedIn as a platform to generate potential sales leads for your business.

LinkedIn provides both free and paid options for B2B networking. Using LinkedIn's free tools, you can search for and connect with potential sales partners, along with using your connections to message other users. LinkedIn also offers several paid options for lead generation. These include its LinkedIn Ads platform, InMail messaging service, and advanced audience-finding tools such as Sales Navigator.

Like with any lead generation, finding sales leads on LinkedIn can consume a good deal of time and possibly money. This is why outsourcing your LinkedIn sales lead generation brings the best of both worlds. An outsourced sales generation partner knows how to navigate LinkedIn tools to reap maximum leads from the site.  

At the same time, a partner can help improve your company's status on LinkedIn through such services as designing your company profile and assisting with messages — either through consultation or writing direct messages for you. As your LinkedIn presence improves, the opportunity to connect with new leads grows in tandem.

How To Build an Outsourced Lead Generation Machine

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of outsourcing, you can get started on building your company's lead-generating process. The first step is to determine what kind of partner you are looking for.

If the bottom line is your priority, you may consider an independent lead generation contractor. Independent contractors are often freelancers who work on a contract basis to provide case-by-case lead generation. You can usually find these contractors on sites such as Upwork and Freelancer, or through their ads.

In some cases, independent lead generation contractors provide adequate lead generation results for lower rates. This is especially true if the number of leads your company requires is limited and general.

But be advised that this route may not provide you with the same returns as an experienced lead generation company. As opposed to individual freelancers, these are companies with accumulated experience and resources devoted to generating meaningful sales leads for clients. Lead generation companies may involve higher fees than independent contractors — but this is reflected in their results.

An established lead generation company is a priority if your business works in a niche field or needs extensive sales leads to meet your annual sales quotas. In these cases, a sales lead company should have the necessary means to generate a superior quantity and quality of leads.  

Customer reviews are an important part of the research process, along with examining the specialization of each lead generation service. Is this company experienced in generating sales leads for the type of product or service that your business offers?

Further, consider what kind of lead generation strategies each service focuses on and if this corresponds to your needs. The majority of marketers report that the most effective B2B lead-generation strategies are email marketing, event marketing, and content marketing.

Outsourced Lead Generation Services

A good lead-generation service gives marketers the power to take their businesses to the next level. It may offer services such as sending sales generation emails, building targeted lists on Sales Navigator, writing copy, and composing follow-up messages to hundreds of prospective clients each month.

What Is the Best Lead Generation Outsourcing Company?

When it comes to outsourced lead generation, having the right partner in your corner is second to none. No matter your particular sales generation needs, an experienced lead generation service will provide the means to secure the sales that your business needs to excel.

The Cleverly Difference

Cleverly stands out among sales lead generation companies for its unique, data-driven focus. As a premier LinkedIn lead generation agency, we use LinkedIn pages to provide the best sales leads to marketing businesses.

In addition to optimizing LinkedIn profiles to attract potential leads, Cleverly finds relevant LinkedIn sales prospects, crafts messages, and executes outreach using tried and true tools to maximize results. Other services include prospect list building and A/B-tested copywriting.

Premier LinkedIn Services

Thanks to Clevery's focus on four key areas of LinkedIn lead acquisition, we excel at turning LinkedIn profiles into revenue generation.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Cleverly provides businesses with polished, professional LinkedIn profiles designed with means-tested methods for maximizing views and generating sales leads.

LinkedIn Direct Outreach

We craft personalized messages for potential sales leads, then offer guidance on how to best manage replies and nurture relationships.

LinkedIn Content and Ghostwriting

Cleverly supplies businesses with engaging content for their LinkedIn profiles. Our posts help companies establish clear influence in their industries, which can translate into more sales leads.

LinkedIn Ads

We’ll design and manage your LinkedIn Ads campaigns so that you can focus on closing the resulting leads.

LinkedIn Sales Strategy

Cleverly provides tried-and-true systems for tracking and responding to all qualified leads. Using real-time data, our experienced account managers give companies proven strategies for turning LinkedIn connections into successful sales.

Get in Touch With Cleverly for a Free Consultation

At Cleverly clients come first. This focus has allowed us to secure sales for companies including Amazon, Sony, and Google. Our track record so far: around 151,400 leads, $37.6 million in revenue, and $229 million in client pipelines.

With a strong focus on the best sales generation techniques and a firm grasp on client needs, it’s no wonder more than 1,500 marketing businesses place their trust in Cleverly for outsourced lead generation. Get in touch for a free consultation and the opportunity to transform your sales lead game into lasting success.