December 9, 2022

The 9 Best Types Of SEO Content For B2B Businesses

The 9 Best Types Of SEO Content For B2Bs That Drive Massive Results

The page types and formulas in this section will help you reach high-intent, bottom-of-funnel searchers. Create them immediately.

BONUS: These pages are so good that 1) your sales reps will email them to prospects and 2) you can use one as a lead magnet pop-up on your website — which we’ll teach you later.

Here are the top 9 or so page formulas for generating hot SEO leads:

Best Types Of SEO Content For Generating Hot Leads

  1. Homepage
  2. Service Pages (you’ll need 1 for every major service or product you offer)
  3. Most Popular Feature/Use Case
  4. Comparison [X vs Y]
  5. Best [Category] Companies
  6. Alternative to [Competitor]
  7. X Reviews or Pricing
  8. Template posts
  9. [Your category] for [Industry/Niche]

Let’s break each one down.

1. Homepage

Google treats homepages as the most important page on your site. So, use your best keyword on your homepage. 

For Cleverly, our best keyword is “LinkedIn lead generation”, so you’ll find that term many times throughout our homepage. And yes, we rank third on Google for that term, at the time of writing this, under only LinkedIn itself and HubSpot.

Cleverly homepage SERP.

2. Service Pages

Similar to homepages, Google juices up everything you link to from your menu because it deems those pages as important.

You’ll need a service page for every major product you offer. See ours in the image below, which all rank for one or more keywords.

Clverly services pages.

3. Feature/Use Case

Does your service or product replace the need for a specific use case, or make doing something easier? 

For example, signing documents can be a headache, so many providers like DocuSign make “how to” videos or articles that teach people better ways to get documents signed using their product — creating a natural upsell.

Video search results example.

4. Comparison [X vs Y]

When people are stuck between two products, they often look for a comparison post. Example: Airpods vs. Bose or Salesforce vs. HubSpot.

Write a comparison between your company and a competitor, or between two other companies in a closely related space or complementary vertical.

BONUS: Create an illustrative comparison chart showing pros vs. cons, features, benefits, etc.

5. **Best [Category] Companies**

When a buyer first discovers a new category, they often don’t know the major players. So, they look for a list of the top companies in the market.

List of Cleverly features vs. other agencies and software tool options.

For instance, Cleverly is listed on ‘top company lists’ like this one by Clutch: Top B2B Sales Outsourcing Companies. We get dozens of leads every month from lists like that one.

If lists in your category already exist, you may still be able to outrank them (with better SEO), but if not, email the author or pay to get your company listed.

6. Alternative to [Competitor]

Ever get so frustrated over a vendor’s feature limitations, bugs or customer support, that you consider switching?

That scenario is where the golden opportunity lies for alternatives’ posts. For instance, see below a list of excellent blog post ideas with a TON of search volume.

Over 12 thousand people look for PayPal alternatives every month.

List of popular "alternatives to blank" searches.

7. X Reviews or Pricing Posts

We were shocked to learn that about 170 people search for “Cleverly reviews” every month. So, we added a reviews landing page to our website that now ranks and drives traffic:

Cleverly Trustpilot reviews.

Do the same for yourself or even competitors.

8. Template Posts

Canva is famous for their SEO strategy involving templates that helped propel them to a $40 billion evaluation. 

They built and offer tons of free landing page templates — these templates act as lead magnets to get users to sign up.

Screenshot from Canva free templates SERP.

9. [Your category] for [industry/niche] posts

At Cleverly, we discovered there was meaningful search volume for patterns like “Lead generation for [vertical].

As a result, we wrote Lead Generation For Financial Advisors along with a few of our other top verticals. Just that financial advisor page has booked us dozens of calls.

Cleverly lead generation for financial advisors services.

If you’d like to see how other companies scaled off SEO, here is a list of 30 great case studies.