Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Cleverly is a lead generation agency for tech companies, where we scale outreach to ideal prospect lists on LinkedIn with proven, personalized message sequences.


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Our technology clients

We actively run campaigns for hundreds startups and tech companies, and use performance data to apply best practices to new clients. Outbound B2B sales is both an art and a science, requiring crystal clear messaging with short, value-driven message sequences, to a niche target list.


Outsourced LinkedIn SDR for technology companies

At Cleverly, here’s how we generate leads for technology companies:

Step 1:
First, fill out our in-depth questionnaire, that helps us become experts in your industry, and step into the mind of your prospects.

Step 2:
Schedule an onboarding call where we help you choose a specific industry or niche to go after, so we can create a specific prospect list, then write copy tailored to that niche, which results in a significant lift in response rates versus generalized outreach. We’ll also sync your LinkedIn account with our proprietary technology.

Step 3:
Cleverly builds a list of your total addressable market in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, while segmenting based off your chosen niche.

Step 4:
We write proven message sequences, drilling down on pain points and getting clear on a value-proposition that will actually win responses.

Step 5:
Cleverly sends 250-1,000 messages a month including connection requests and 3 followup messages, generating leads directly to your LinkedIn inbox.


Our lead generation solutions for technology companies

1. Build specific lists of ideal prospects in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
2. Send connection requests and follow-ups to prospects at scale
3. Reply to qualified leads, set phone calls and appointments

The secret to quality technology company leads

LinkedIn is a networking platform, so going too salesy too soon will not result in conversations. Here’s a few keys we put into every message:​

Connection Requests
The connection request must contain a personalizer. Most requests on LinkedIn are far too generic.​

We include specific information on their LinkedIn profile in our requests, pulling from areas like industry, title and work experience. These personalizers, are proven to boost connection request acceptance rates, scaling your network much faster.

Follow-up Messages
The LinkedIn inbox is smaller than email, so for a message to get actually read, messages must be short. Here’s a few other best practices for the followup drip sequence:

  1. Clear, unique-selling-proposition
  2. Credibility
  3. Value-driven call to action

The unique selling proposition is something tech companies often get wrong. Buyers are generally problem-unaware, so therefore, most pitches are irrelevant or unclear. When Cleverly drafts messages, we’ll ask a strategic question in the followup message that helps unearth a problem, leading to a natural upsell of your solution in a conversation.

Many of our top performing clients use the CTA strategically, where instead of asking for a demo, they may offer case studies, a free analysis, hyper-relevant blog posts, or other attractive offers that get their foot in the door.


Our message sequence

1. Connection Requests
Connection requests are sent to prospects that share mutual connections with you, called 2nd and 3rd degree connections. Prospects can either accept, decline or leave these messages in their inbox. Once accepted, they become part of your network forever, so you can message them for free, and nurture them with content.

2. Three follow-up messages to 1st Degree Connections
We schedule a 4-touch, automated followup sequence after a connection request is accepted. If a prospect accepts the request, they are pulled out of our sequence, where our clients then schedule a call or carry on a dialogue.​

3. Open InMails
There is a setting on LinkedIn which allows premium LinkedIn members to allow for open communication. Profiles with that setting turned on can be sent a free InMail, without being connected to you nor requiring InMail credits. Cleverly filters out these profiles and sends them a direct InMail for you.


Why our lead generation for technology companies?

With our diverse experience across industries and with technology companies, we understand the importance of reaching across the aisle to other industries that could become more efficient with your technology. Our comprehensive social selling services will help you come up with dream clients as well as potential business that you may not have expected - all while adhering to your potential client questionnaire. We will assist you in all stages, including optimizing your LinkedIn profile, creating your client wishlist, generating messages, and making sure there’s a high chance of a response. We’ll remove the burden of finding your clients so that you can focus on making sure your product is one they’ll want to use. Stay competitive in a fast-moving industry with our efficient and streamlined services.