November 30, 2021

Top Performing LinkedIn Ads Examples (& Why They Work)

Sure, Google Ads have their purpose. You can target a wide audience. You'll probably get some leads. But what if you have a very specific audience in mind?

That's where LinkedIn ads come into play. In fact, a staggering 96% of B2B marketers distribute content on LinkedIn. With over 770 million members across 200 countries, you have enormous potential to reach a targeted audience of professionals.

But LinkedIn ads aren't just about advertising your products or services. You can build brand awareness, increase audience engagement, and get website conversions. With so many possibilities, it can be hard to know where to start. This guide will break down everything you need to know about LinkedIn ads. You'll also get to see the best LinkedIn ads examples to inspire you. Let's dive in.

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What are LinkedIn Ads?

You can post either organic or sponsored content on LinkedIn to reach a specific audience. As for how specific, you can choose from over 20 different audience categories. For instance, you might narrow your ad's audience by the level of education, job title, or job position. This ability to target leads to audience engagement and a higher conversion rate.

With LinkedIn ads, you also pick an ad objective. There are three objectives to choose from:

  1. Awareness: Build brand awareness, or help your brand get recognized by more users.
  2. Consideration: Get audiences engaged by increasing link clicks and website and video views.
  3. Conversions: Up your lead generation and website conversions.

Lastly, you'll pick your budget and ad scheduling. You have three budget options. These include Cost per Send (CPS), Cost per Click (CPC), and Cost per Impression (CPM). The best choice for you will be decided by the ad format you choose and your company's ad budget overall.

What Are All the Types of LinkedIn Ads?

You have plenty of options when it comes to LinkedIn ads:

Sponsored Content

This ad will look like a regular LinkedIn post but with a "promoted" tag on top. These ads will be placed directly in your targeted audience's feeds, where they're already scrolling. You can switch up your sponsored content by using images, video, or carousel ads if you want to share lots of info.

Message Ads

If you want to go right to the source, you can opt for message ads, which are delivered to your targeted audience's inbox. You can create an automated message to send to prospects with autofilled personalizations.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are all about personalization. They use a user's name and profile picture to gain interest. From there, you can turn a dynamic ad into a follower ad, company spotlight, or job ad.

Text Ads

Text ads are the simplest, but they're just as effective. You only need a few minutes to write brief, compelling copy and get it in the hands of your target audience.

The Best LinkedIn Ads Examples (and why they work)

You know what LinkedIn ads are and how they work. But which ads actually see results? Take a look at the most effective ad examples below to get a feel for what gets likes on the social media platform.

1. Amazon

Why it works:

The number "550,000" pops out right away. Why is this important? People like numbers. They're quick and easy to take in. Since users look at an ad for .7 seconds,  you need to grab the user's attention as fast as possible.  Amazon also made the ad pop by using different colors for the text, creating visual emphasis and interest. You can't help but stop and read it.

2. Apple

Why it works:

Here is a prime example of a carousel ad. Each carousel card addresses the reader directly with a "you." Addressing the audience in second-person feels more personalized, leading to a deeper connection. Pictures that feature the iPhones juxtaposed against the white background make the product stand out.

3. Facebook

Why it works:

Facebook shows another great ad technique: start with a question. Questions naturally draw the audience's attention to them, and Facebook immediately calls the audience to find the answer.

4. WebFX

Why it works:

Starting your LinkedIn ad with an endorsement is another highly effective strategy. Here, WebFX uses a quote from one of its team members to get potential job applicants interested. The video below the quote stars the team member, who's speaking about his experience working for the company. Audiences get a firsthand view of what it's really like to work at WebFX.

5. Salesforce

Why it works:

Besides images or videos, you can add attachments to your LinkedIn ads. Here, Salesforce offers one of their business reports. You can add all kinds of documents or files in a LinkedIn ad, whether they're insights, trends, or reports. Doing so is the perfect opportunity to show your audience the facts and figures driving your company. Add a simple CTA, like "download," and you've got a quick action interested LinkedIn users can take.

6. Thrive

Why it works:

Thrive cuts to the chase with their LinkedIn ad. The first thing any user will see is the big, bold, all-caps "We're hiring!" They save all the details for the text at the top. Coming up with just one word or phrase to highlight for your ad makes it attention-grabbing, driving audiences to read more.

7. Google

Why it works:

The graphics and contrasting colors easily grab a user's attention and make the message stand out. Proof? Visuals alone make up nearly 100% of a customer's buying decision. Without them, you greatly decrease your chances of making an amazing first impression.

8. Bank of America

Why it works:

You know quotes work well, but placing them on your LinkedIn ad graphic can make all the difference. Bank of America puts a quote from their Vice Chairman front and center. They also added a picture to give the quote a face. It feels personal while providing the user with useful information.

9. Dell Technologies

Why it works:

Dell shows how you and the company are alike. You both "go far" for your business. You're both hard-working and dedicated to what you do. And Dell can help you out when you need it. Yes, Dell found the perfect way to develop a personal connection with a few words.

10. Slack

Why it works:

You can see another example of effective color use in Slack's ad. Besides the colorful graph, the use of the yellow as the background stands out. Yellow is often associated with energy and optimism. Audiences who come across this ad get a good vibe from the brand and product.


11. IBM

Why it works:

"Be the first to know." Who doesn't want to be the first to get an inside scoop? IBM follows this up with a CTA in the box, making it easy to spot and click. Incorporating exclusivity is a great way to make users feel they're missing out if they don't take the action.

12. Tableau Software

Why it works:

In both their text and graphic, Tableau makes a bold claim: "Best. Job. Ever." Being bold will nearly always get attention, but make sure you have the claims ready to back yourself afterward by providing great content.

13. Constant Contact

Why it works:

Constant Contact's ad shows you three ways you can use their product right away. By the time you click on their link, you already know what you want out of their service. Giving users a few ideas before a click makes your audience more motivated to go through with the conversion you're offering them.


Why this works:

How about not just one benefit but two? That's what offers in their ad — you get to save time and money. Those are two of the most valuable resources any company could ask for. Instead of listing just one benefit, aim for two or three concise ones that appeal to your audience's pain points.

15. Stripe

Why this works:

When it comes to brand recognition, Stripe does it best. Their LinkedIn ad here uses the same color scheme as all their other ads. The same use of dark and light blue is easy to recognize, establishing Stripe's familiarity for new and old customers alike.

16. Square

Why it works:

Square does a lot of things right here. First, they address their audiences as "professionals" instead of just "business owners." This is flattering and speaks to their target audience. They then speak to their target audience's goal, which is focusing on their clients. Addressing goals shows that your business understands your target audience's needs and can help achieve them.

17. Zoom

Why it works:

Their graphic has an image mixed in with a white background, making for a visually appealing ad. They also put both their brands side-by-side to demonstrate their partnership. Lastly, their CTA uses strong, effective language with "harness the power."

18. The Walt Disney Company

Why it works:

In this ad, Disney personalizes their offering with, "your extraordinary talents." An applicant will feel that maybe their skills will be recognized at such a company. They also reference the audience's "brighter future" at the end.

19. New York University

Why it works:

New York University nails the carousel ad. After introducing their global study as the "experience of a lifetime," they include several images of where you can study. They add two pictures per carousel card to show both the city and what it'd be like to study there.

20. Target

Why it works:

Target gives you an example of what their team members can do with their new chatbot service right in their actionable ad. There's no need to click anywhere else to learn more. It also gives you a peek into the way the company works behind-the-scenes to provide a good customer experience.

21. LinkedIn

Why it works:

LinkedIn uses ambiguous language to draw in audiences. What are the insights? What's "everything?" LinkedIn users will be tempted to click on "learn more" to see what they can get out of a premium membership.

22. Optimizely

Why it works:

An airplane coming out of a smartphone? What's that about? Is this company about travel? Digital marketing? Using unique graphics like this makes an ad hard to ignore. Users will feel like they just have to know more.

23. PwC

Why it works:

Use of yellow? Interesting quote? Graphics? A personal picture? PwC has it all in this ad. The quote is a preview of what you can find in their Purpose Report. Chances are, if you love the ad, you'll want to download the report, too.

24. Gatorade Performance Partner

Why it works:

Using the right photo in your ad can bring it to another level. Here, Gatorade backs up its inspirational message with an equally-inspiring photo. They also get their audience involved by asking an engaging question to get a discussion going.

25. ClickUp

Why it works:

Seeing the human side of your brand helps give a face to your company and its services. ClickUp puts a picture of their happy and enthusiastic staff in their job ad. Audiences can picture themselves being a part of this energetic group.

Create LinkedIn Ads That Audiences Will Love

With LinkedIn ads, you can find your dream audience. Better than that, you can see what drives results by testing out many advertising methods.

When it comes to creating the ad, remember some key strategies. Use facts, figures, quotes, and questions. Make sure your copy is concise. Your audience is already interested. They just need the extra push to start clicking and converting.

The top ads listed here act as a good starting point for your company. Once you're armed with ideas and inspiration, you're ready to make a LinkedIn ad that audiences will love.