January 22, 2021

LinkedIn vs. Indeed: Find the Perfect Candidate

Bringing in quality employees can be a challenge. Whether someone recently left your company or you’ve opened up new positions to help your growing business thrive, you want to ensure that anyone you bring on board can help your organization succeed.

Job seekers and employers have multiple sites to choose from when it comes to finding what they need — but some are better than others.

LinkedIn and Indeed are two of the most popular sites for helping job seekers and employers. If you’re searching for the perfect candidate to fill a vacant position, you may have considered using one of these platforms. Both can help you find ideal candidates, saving you hours of wasted time sifting through resumes and applications from unqualified individuals. 

But which is the best option for finding the perfect candidate? Here’s what you need to know about LinkedIn and Indeed so that you can choose the right platform to find the best recruits for your company.


Indeed is an online job board used by more than 200 million monthly job seekers from more than 60 countries around the world. Those looking for a job can upload their resume and browse open listings. Using filters, they can narrow down their search to more easily pinpoint positions advertising for their specific skill set.

Employers can post jobs for free if money is tight, but these listings are more likely to get lost and the process is lengthy. 

Your other option is to pay to boost your listings. The good part is that you pay only whenever people click on your posts, although the cost can add up quickly — a potential concern if you have limited resources. Fortunately, you can set a budget on the site, which can help you to avoid unwanted financial surprises.

Once applications begin pouring in, Indeed provides you with the tools you need to locate the most qualified candidates. You can:

  • Filter by specific qualifications
  • Add preferred or required qualifications to your listing
  • Send assessments to applicants to screen for specific skills and essential knowledge
  • Search for candidates using Indeed resume search, which allows you to locate and reach out to qualified individuals


Instead of exclusively being a job posting website, LinkedIn is a social media platform for businesses and professionals. LinkedIn does have a job board — although notably smaller than Indeed’s — and the site boasts more than 700 million users in 200 countries around the world. There are 170 million users in the United States alone.

LinkedIn allows you to post job openings — but unlike with Indeed, you can’t do so for free. The platform also uses a pay-per-click model, so you pay only when job seekers click on your post. 

Another significant difference between LinkedIn and Indeed is that LinkedIn enables you to leverage your professional network to locate ideal candidates. Instead of waiting for candidates to come to you, you can search for specific titles, connect, and start a dialogue to see if they’d be a good fit.

You can also use recommended matches or the platform’s Recruiter Lite subscription. With InMail, you can also send direct messages to people you think might be a good fit for your organization.

Find the Best Candidates for Your Business

Finding the best candidates to fill open positions in your business shouldn’t be a significant chore. While it does take some effort to nail down the perfect people, you shouldn’t have to waste precious time and resources to do it. Online platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn make it easier than ever to find the most qualified individuals.

If you’re looking for an even better way to recruit high-quality candidates, Cleverly’s recruiting service can help. We build lists of ideal candidates who are active on LinkedIn. We then craft personalized cold outreach messages that are more likely to get responses. When someone responds, we send you a message right away so you can reply. 

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