March 11, 2021

LinkedIn for Moving B2B Prospects Through the Buyer's Journey

Moving Prospects through the B2B Buyer Journey

If you’re looking for ways to expand your reach and drive B2B buyers to your business, LinkedIn is the place to be. LinkedIn is 277% more effective for generating leads than any other social media. Of all the leads generated from social media, 80% of B2B marketing leads come from LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn is an effective strategy for finding prospects and driving them through the B2B buyer's journey.

What Is the B2B Buyer’s Journey?

The B2B buyer's journey is the path a buyer takes before making a final decision to purchase. Buyers move through stages as they research and evaluate products and solutions.

  • Awareness
    B2B buyers become aware of you
  • Interest
    B2B buyers become interested in learning about your brand, products, or services
  • Desire
    B2B buyers form a favorable opinion of what you offer and start considering a purchase
  • Action
    B2B buyers are ready to buy

During the B2B buying journey, customers are looking for different information at each stage. It’s essential that you know your prospects and what information they need to move them to the next stage.

Know Your Prospects

Knowing your prospects helps you decide which marketing tactics will be the most effective.

If a B2B buyer is in the awareness stage, you need to introduce your brand and educate them on how your company solves problems. As you nurture them through the B2B buyer’s journey, you need to give them reasons to learn more about what you have to offer, demonstrate the effectiveness of your solutions, and how you stand out from the competition.

You need to understand who your prospects are and where they are in the buying cycle. It takes a calculated, strategic marketing approach designed to drive them through the funnel to buy.

Think about it this way. If they’ve never heard of your company or product, a 10% discount likely isn’t going to move them to act. However, if they’re considering making a purchase, that same discount may be exactly what you need to convert them.

Using LinkedIn, you can target prospective customers at various stages in the B2B buyer’s journey and deliver the right messaging to move them to the next stage.

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Prospecting with LinkedIn

Cold calls don’t work anymore. Decision-makers are busier than ever. With people working remotely and often away from their desks, the likelihood of a successful cold call has never been lower.

Using social selling techniques, however, B2B sellers can connect with B2B buyers much more easily. You can automate your prospecting with highly targeted and personalized messaging. It’s an easy way to scale your outbound marketing without spending all day leaving voicemails that never get returned. When something catches a prospect’s interest, it’s simple for them to click on a link and learn more or connect with you.

Finding Your Ideal Targets

You can create hyper-targeted lists of your ideal prospects by sorting through prospects to target the right person, including:

  • Title
  • Seniority level
  • Function
  • Company size and revenue

This eliminates wasted effort spent contacting people that won’t have the interest or ability to buy.

Customized Messaging

Customized messaging can help you connect with prospects and drive them through the B2B buyer journey. Start by building awareness and then nurture them as you continue to educate them on your products and services.

Creating 1st-Degree Connections

Beyond digital cold calls, personalized messages can create 1st-degree connections and grow your network. Marketing automation allows you to send sequenced messages to connections to drive them forward on the B2B buyer journey.

Sales Opportunities

As B2B buyers begin to engage with your messages, they'll become more receptive to your brand. Rather than making cold calls, you’ll know your prospect fits your ideal profile, which saves you time in qualifying. You’ll know what they engaged with, which will help you figure out where to start the conversation. With a few clicks, you can learn more about the person and turn a cold call into a warm call.

Effective Outbound B2B Marketing

At Cleverly, we use data from thousands of outbound B2B marketing campaigns to send proven, personalized messages with a strategic approach to drive prospects through the B2B buyer’s journey. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Build targeted and qualified lists of ideal prospects
  2. Write personal outreach messages
  3. Nurture B2B prospects at various stages of the buyer’s journey
  4. Notify you instantly when leads respond so you can close the deal

Throughout the process, we continue to A/B test copy so that we can continually optimize performance. This proven lead generation strategy keeps your pipeline flowing and helps you close more deals.

Learn more or get a Free Consultation from the B2B experts at Cleverly.