September 16, 2022

How To Contact LinkedIn Support: A Step-by-Step Video

LinkedIn is a great way to meet others in your field, curate contacts and references, find new jobs or employees, or even generate sales leads. All of this is great as long as things go according to plan – but what do you do when something goes wrong? How do you reach out for help if you encounter a problem?

The easy answer, contact LinkedIn support.

The more difficult question; How to contact LinkedIn support?

This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to contact LinkedIn support:

How To Contact LinkedIn Customer Service

The first question you will probably ask yourself if you have trouble with your LinkedIn account is, “How do I contact LinkedIn customer support?” LinkedIn provides a customer support page on its site and it’s relatively easy to access:

  1. Sign into your LinkedIn account
  2. Click on the Help Center button under the LinkedIn News box on the right-hand side of your home page. This will take you to the LinkedIn support homepage.
  3. Click on Get Help from Us

  1. Click on Other in the drop-down box and search for the topic or concern you’re having.
  2. If you find an answer to your concern. Great! Problem solved.  
  3. If you don’t find a solution, you’ll need to create a support ticket by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Fill in the required fields on the help ticket and click submit.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to begin contact with LinkedIn customer service.

How Do I Chat With LinkedIn Support?

Does LinkedIn have a chat option for customer support? Yes, they do. However, LinkedIn live chat hours are only available to premium members. If you have visited LinkedIn’s customer support page and you still have questions, or if you are just more comfortable talking through the problem with an actual person and you are a premium member, then LinkedIn chat support may be a good option for you.

It should be noted that LinkedIn chat support is also only available in English. This is true even if you have accessed the chat support link from a customer support page in another language. For those not fluent in English, they’ll have to fill out a support ticket to get assistance – even if they’re a premium member.

How To Email LinkedIn Support

Can you email LinkedIn? Unless you’re from the press and have a journalistic reason for making contact, there is no email address you can use to contact LinkedIn – not even for customer support. So, how do you contact LinkedIn support via email?

The answer is through their help center. When you fill out a support ticket on the customer service homepage, you generate an email to the customer support representatives. LinkedIn support will email you a response to your help ticket. Unfortunately, however, you won’t have the option of replying to that email.

Does LinkedIn Have a Call Center?

If you’re wondering, “How do I speak to someone at LinkedIn?” the answer is you don’t. LinkedIn doesn’t have a customer support line nor do they accept any phone calls from their members. This may seem unusual, but the fact is that most online-based social media sites don’t offer a helpline phone number. They often rely on just email, chat, and/or their website to stay connected with members.

Beware of any website that offers you a LinkedIn customer support phone number for a fee. These websites are not affiliated with LinkedIn and are likely scams. LinkedIn never charges a fee for customer support.

Things To Know When Contacting LinkedIn Support

As with anything, there’s a right and wrong way to go about contacting LinkedIn customer support. The more you know before you begin the process, the better the chances of a positive result. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when reaching out to LinkedIn customer support.


  • Do be sure to go through the FAQs and other resources, including the help forum, on the customer support homepage to try to find an answer to your problem before submitting a help ticket. Finding your solution in one of those places will save you a lot of time, and you can get back to using your LinkedIn account immediately.
  • Do try to understand the nature of your problem before creating a ticket. Is it a glitch in the navigation? A problem with another member? A payment or membership issue? Knowing this allows you to fill out the correct information on the help ticket so the correct department is notified of the problem.
  • Do visit the LinkedIn social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. Often you can find answers in these places faster than you will receive a response to your help ticket.


  • Don’t expect a rapid response to your LinkedIn support ticket. While you should immediately receive an automated email reply that confirms that your help ticket has been created, the email containing the actual solution to your problem may take days to arrive.
  • Don’t call a customer support number that you find elsewhere online. These are not affiliated with LinkedIn. They may charge you for the access and you aren’t likely to find a solution to your problem.
  • Don’t give up. While you may not always be able to get a rapid response to your LinkedIn support ticket, the service will respond in time. For most, especially job seekers and those looking for qualified employees in niche industries, the benefits of being a LinkedIn member are well worth the wait.

LinkedIn is a valuable and reliable resource. With millions of regular users, it’s no surprise that some questions and problems pop up from time to time. With a bit of digging and patience, you can usually resolve any issue or concern you have using LinkedIn. Use this step-by-step guide and you should be well on your way to solving your problems and freely taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer.