April 7, 2021

How Does Cleverly Compare to Octopus CRM?

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Making the choice — Cleverly.co versus Octopus CRM — comes down to asking yourself what you need.

Do you need the best LinkedIn automation tool with a done-for-you solution that provides you with the results you need, hassle-free?

Or, are you willing to settle for a low-priced alternative that's going to eat up your precious time, give you mediocre returns, and may even cause LinkedIn to restrict or ban your account?

Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?

Thousands of corporate clients have already chosen Cleverly.co because it consistently delivers the results they need at a price that is small compared to the gains it offers.

Let's face it. LinkedIn is the go-to place for B2B to obtain sales leads, recruit talent, and discover your dream clients. But LinkedIn is a huge time-suck. LinkedIn keeps it that way intentionally because they want to promote personal relationships. They want you to communicate personally with each connection.

So if you want to speed up and automate your LinkedIn search process, you need to use a third-party service. Here are a few essential points you need to consider when you compare LinkedIn automation tools.

The cheaper third-party services are usually Chrome extensions, which LinkedIn can detect and ban.

Software, like Octopus CRM, is a much better alternative but can still be detected and banned. Octopus CRM is software that you use yourself. So, other than the risk of being banned, you're constrained by how much time you're willing to put into learning and operating the software.

Octopus CRM is not a CRM at all. It is an automated LinkedIn lead-finder tool that you set up and run yourself. After Octopus CRM finds leads, you have to then export them to a CRM.

Cleverly.co, one of the top LinkedIn tools, is more of an agency. We have real, live people working for you to create the best, custom, done-for-you solution using a website-based app. When leads reply to your Cleverly campaign, we notify you instantly so that you can follow up in person.

Cleverly has never had a client's LinkedIn account banned.

Our Features vs. What Octopus CRM Lacks or Needs to Improve

Live people managing your account

We provide a dedicated, US-based account manager — a  knowledgeable person that you can contact whenever you need to — from your first free consultation to your assisted onboarding and day-to-day management of your account.

Platform training and setup

During your onboarding process, we'll show you how to use our interface, and we'll set everything up for you using your input.

Ideal decision-makers identified

First, in the process of finding the leads you need, we identify the ideal decision-makers — the people who have the power to choose to work with you.

Qualified prospect list built

As we identify those decision-makers, we place them on a qualified prospect list. Building your list of ideal targets is one of the keys to getting a high positive response rate. You can also import targeting lists.

Real copywriters

Real copywriters write our outreach message sequences and then A/B split test all of them. We provide you with optimized copy that will elicit a high rate of personal responses from your ideal targeted clients.

Automated follow-up messages

We send up to four follow-up messages automatically, eliminating the need for you to manually follow up. We automatically stop after four messages or after your target replies.

High-performing data from thousands of successful campaigns

At Cleverly we've run thousands of campaigns, amassing data from all of them. We know what works and what doesn't. We select our highest performers to model your campaign on.

Proven done-for-you campaigns

Using your input and our hard-won expertise, we build your campaign for you. You don't have to guess anything or spend insane amounts of time going through the learning curve.

Campaign execution

We execute your campaign for you while you monitor the results that update in real-time on your dashboard.

Ongoing campaign optimization

After your campaign is working well, we monitor it and make any changes it needs to produce optimal results.

Scheduled performance calls

We schedule performance calls with you to collaborate, using your input to ensure that your objectives are being met.

Our intelligent response handling dashboard

Cleverly's easy-to-use client dashboard incorporates incoming data in real-time. It makes intelligent changes for you as needed to optimize your campaign and keep you informed.

Real-time campaign metrics reporting

Our intelligent response handling dashboard displays the most critical metrics in real-time so that you're always on top of your campaign. You'll be able to see the:

  • ‌Percentage of people who have accepted your invitation to connect.
  • Percentage of people who have replied.
  • Number of invites sent.
  • Number of new connections you've gained.
  • Total replies.
  • Positive replies.
  • Number of automated follow-up messages to prospects.

CRM integration via Zapier

Cleverly.co and Octopus CRM both offer CRM integration. Remember, Octopus CRM is not a CRM. You have to manually integrate Octopus CRM with a CRM.

Email, chat, and phone support

We want to help you. Cleverly.co makes it easy for you to get support through the channel of your choice — email, chat, or phone. At Octopus CRM, your only option is to send them an email and wait.

The Danger of Being Banned or Restricted on LinkedIn

Octopus CRM clearly recognizes the danger of triggering a LinkedIn ban or restriction. They have an entire page on their site devoted to advising you how to avoid trouble.

Exactly as written on their website, here are the three dangerous actions Octopus CRM feels compelled to warn their clients about:

  1. Do not make more than 250 actions per day on LinkedIn.
  2. Increase your LinkedIn performance gradually.
  3. Make sure you have less than 1000 pending invitations sent.

Cleverly.co doesn't need to explain the dangers because we take care of it for you. We've never had a client banned.

Cleverly.co Versus Octopus CRM — Making the Choice

If you're a dedicated do-it-yourselfer who doesn't mind spending your time working hard and suffering through the learning curve — plus risking a LinkedIn ban — Octopus CRM is for you.

By contrast, if you're a busy individual who wants to focus your time on productive, personal communications with decision-makers, then our team of live people at Cleverly.co will go to work for you.

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