April 7, 2021

Cleverly vs. Dux-Soup – A User Comparison

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In short, Cleverly versus Dux-Soup is a battle between premium and low-cost, and caring support versus DIY.

Because LinkedIn is the go-to place to find business leads of all kinds, it has fostered an explosion of lead generation tools designed to help you find more leads faster.

LinkedIn lead generation tools were designed to eliminate mind-numbing, time-consuming networking activities such as visiting profiles to send out connection requests and messages. The top LinkedIn tools enable you to spend your precious time engaging in personal communication with targeted individuals who have already displayed an interest in your offer.

So, which is the most easy-to-use, cost-effective, and overall best LinkedIn automation tool that will provide you the results you need without the risk of having your account banned?

In this short article, we'll compare the following features, benefits, and results offered by  Cleverly and Dux-Soup:

  • ‌Cloud software vs. Chrome extension
  • Documentation
  • Support — Cleverly vs Dux-Soup
  • Dangers — Cleverly vs Dux-Soup
  • Premium software results

Cloud Software vs. Chrome Extension

Cleverly is premium software on the cloud. Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension that you can install for free. At Cleverly, we're serious about giving you the best possible user experience with our cloud-based app.

You'll save time and frustration when you have a complete dashboard that's uncluttered and intuitive to navigate with easy-to-find functions and the most important metrics displayed.

Dux-Soup's ‌Chrome extensions operate within the LinkedIn interface, making an already crowded screen much more cluttered and difficult to navigate. This interface would benefit from considerable improvement.

Clearly, an app based in the cloud offers you much more functionality, usability, and ease of navigation.‌


Both Cleverly and Dux-Soup have been operating for several years. You can find tutorials on their sites and YouTube and Vimeo.

You'll find Cleverly tutorial videos here on Youtube. You'll find even more here on Vimeo. Dux-Soup tutorials are on Youtube.

Support — Cleverly vs. Dux-Soup

When you need support, you need it right now. There's nothing more frustrating than being unable to utilize a product you're paying for.

We know how that feels. That's why at Cleverly, we give you free 24/7 support via chat, email, or phone. Cleverly has 396 reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Here are some examples.

Cleverly is a great service and their customer service is fantastic. Their copywriters do a great job coming up with sequences that convert and they are quick to optimize as the campaigns gain momentum (or need a re-work).

‌- Nick, Nov 25, 2020, on Trustpilot

So far the customer service, training and the on-line platform is excellent.

‌- Bob Leibhauser, Nov 4, 2020 on Trustpilot

The tool is great, the dashboard is very well built and the customer service has been very solid. Highly recommend!

‌- Andy Morris, Oct 21, 2020, on Trustpilot

By contrast, you have to pay $79.95 per hour for phone support at Dux-Soup, and you're limited to 15-minute blocks. There are numerous complaints regarding the poor quality of their customer service. Here are just a few.

Keep in mind though that their support is not great. Their support team could be a bit more involved and not charge for simple calls!

‌- Collin M, Nov 5, 2019, on G2

Re-subscribing to the service is a nightmare and poor experience because I have to contact customer support to do that.

‌- Sammi Liukka, Jan 18, 2020, on G2

Dangers — Cleverly vs. Dux-Soup

Losing your LinkedIn account is a risk you take when using a Chrome extension. LinkedIn monitors activity to catch these extensions and ban their users.

The LinkedIn algorithm is proprietary, so no one knows precisely how it works. Some activities that could get you banned or restricted are when your account:

  • Exceeds LinkedIn's limits for clicks and pageviews on other accounts.
  • Sends too many connection requests.
  • Has a low connection request acceptance rate.
  • Has too many people clicking on "I don't know this person."

Consider reviewing the LinkedIn user agreement for more information on restricted activities.

Cleverly, however, is not a Chrome extension. It is a cloud-based software. Cleverly has never had a user banned by LinkedIn because we carefully and automatically control your account activity. You don't have to set any limits like you must do with many Chrome extensions.

In addition, the Cleverly dashboard displays your account activity information in an easy-to-see display. You will be able to see all the essential performance metrics.

Review sites, articles, and forums contain many warnings regarding the use of Chrome extensions.

Examples include Autopilot, Dux Soup, Leakedin.com, Leonard for LinkedIn, LinkedBoost, Linkedhelper, LinmailPro, Protop, Social Lead Machine...All of the apps break the LinkedIn user agreement. LinkedIn is in a constant battle to disrupt these businesses either by technically making it more difficult for the apps to access LinkedIn or identifying and sanctioning members who are using the apps including the threat of suspension.

- Greg Cooper, April 10, 2018,LinkedIn article  

I got banned for using this Chrome Extension. My advice is to avoid! Way better cloud-based alternatives out there.

‌- "User in Utilities," Nov 11, 2020, on G2

LinkedIn doesn't like the dux-soup integration and has blocked me from 1-click connecting with prospects. I now need LI-registered emails to ask for a connection.

- Keith D., June 16, 2020, on G2

Premium Software Gets Premium Clients

If you obtain just one ideal client, you will recoup your investment in Cleverly.  

At Cleverly, we give you personal attention and personal support throughout your time with us. Here is how our process works.

After you fill out a brief questionnaire, we'll give you a free consultation and configure your LinkedIn page to attract clients. Cleverly will:

  1. Build lists of targeted, qualified, and ideal prospects.
  2. Write clear, personal messages that get responses.
  3. Send those custom messages to your targeted lists.
  4. Notify you instantly when we receive a response so that you can follow up fast.
  5. Reassess your campaign and make any necessary changes to optimize performance.

Sign up for a free consultation, and we'll get started on finding your ideal prospects today.‌