April 7, 2021

Cleverly.co vs. Seamless.AI — Different Tools, Different Purposes

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Cleverly.co and Seamless.AI are two very different tools created for different purposes.

Cleverly.co is an agency that provides the top LinkedIn tools to create a done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation service based on our automated web app. Your dedicated, US-based account manager helps you set up your custom campaign in the app.

Our copywriters create personalized messages to send to your dream clients. We craft our messages using performance data from thousands of outbound B2B campaigns, and we A/B split test the messages.

After our automated software sends your personalized messages and elicits a response from a LinkedIn lead, you take over the conversation with a hot, live prospect who has already displayed interest in your offer.

Seamless.AI is a Chrome extension that scrapes the web for contact information about any person or list you target. Seamless generates a list of emails and phone numbers you can export to a CRM and use to make cold calls.

Working with hot leads from Cleverly that you know are interested in your offer will probably be much more productive than making cold calls and sending cold emails to people who don't know anything about you.

In this short article, we'll look deeper into Cleverly.co and Seamless.AI's services to compare LinkedIn automation features and benefits.

Cleverly.co — Top-of-Class LinkedIn Lead Generation

Cleverly.co's team works with you to develop, implement, and update — when needed — your custom, done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation campaign. We're an agency that uses our own automated LinkedIn lead generation software to give you targeted, warm leads.


Cleverly's interface is clean and uncluttered. Our intelligent, response-handling dashboard clearly displays the information and functions you need. You can see all the important metrics at a glance, and the dashboard notifies you instantly when a contact responds to your campaign so that you can follow up fast.

Onboarding and documentation

Your US-based account manager will personally walk you through onboarding and account setup at Cleverly. Anytime you have an issue or need help, contact us and a real person will be there for you. We also have instructional videos available on YouTube and Vimeo.

Executing your campaign

Cleverly executes your campaign for you. After your account manager works with you to set everything up the way you want it, you can monitor your campaign as it works away automatically in our intelligent, response-handling dashboard.

Optimizing your campaign

Cleverly's team optimizes your campaign after it's been running for a while. We schedule performance calls with you to get your input on optimization.


Cleverly sorts through data for you automatically. All you have to do is wait for our automatic lead generation software to notify you when you have a warm lead.


Cleverly is safe. We have built-in safety limits so that we don't exceed LinkedIn's activity recommendation limits and trigger an account suspension or restriction. Cleverly has never had a client's account flagged.


At Cleverly, we want to help you succeed. We cheerfully offer fast, helpful support through phone, chat, and email.

Seamless.AI — Dated Contact Information Scraper

Seamless is a search engine that scrapes contact information from the web. You can use it to search the web to create a list of people you want to contact or you can upload your list. Once Seamless has a list of names, it will then find the phone numbers and emails by searching websites, social media, and news sites.


The Seamless interface is typical of older Chrome extensions — small, cluttered popout windows with difficult-to-find functions.

Onboarding and documentation

You're on your own at Seamless. You have to figure everything out yourself with the help of YouTube videos.

Executing your campaign

Once again, you're on your own at Seamless. You set your search parameters and execute the search yourself.

Optimizing your campaign

You do your own optimizing at Seamless by instigating a new search that generates more data for you to sift through.


A Seamless search can generate vast amounts of data. You get an unfiltered list of phone numbers and emails to sort through yourself and weed out the contact information that may lead to the person you need.


Seamless is a Chrome extension that is easy for LinkedIn to detect, especially if you exceed LinkedIn's activity guidelines.


Seamless offers only email support. You send support an email, and then you wait.

Price Comparison — Cleverly.co Versus Seamless.AI

At first glance, the Cleverly.co monthly subscription price seems more expensive than Seamless.AI's single-user price of $147/month. However, when we dig deeper, we discover that Cleverly is very transparent about pricing, refunds, and cancellation. Seamless.AI is a little tricky:

  1. $147/month only gets you 250 emails or phone numbers, which you can quickly burn through searching a single list.
  2. Upgrading to unlimited costs you $99.40 a month PER USER with the minimum purchase of 5 licenses — $497 monthly!
  3. The contract locks you into 12 months. If you try to cancel before the 12th month, they say you have to wait until the last month to cancel. According to multiple G2 reviews, when you try to cancel in the last month, they can tell you that you have to cancel with 60 days notice. And so you potentially get locked into another year at $497 a month.

Conclusion — The Top LinkedIn Tools

Your choice of the winner in the Cleverly.co versus Seamless.AI comparison comes down to determining what you need to do to increase your sales and make your life easier.

If you only need to find email addresses and phone numbers, an email finder tool may be best for you. There are many alternatives to Seamless.AI that are less expensive, have a transparent pricing policy, do a better job, and are easier to use. It's simple to find them by searching for the 'best email finder tool.'

If you need warm LinkedIn contacts who have already displayed an interest in your business, Cleverly.co will generate them for you easily, safely, and cost-effectively using our proven, done-for-you service. Get a free consultation right now for Cleverly.co — the best LinkedIn automation tool.