October 27, 2022

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling During The Holidays

4 Reasons Why You’d Be A Fool For Not Selling During The Holidays

Heading into the holiday season, most people automatically shift into commerce/material mode and assume it's B2C’s time to reign. This is surely one way the masses approach the holidays, but savvy marketers and hungry B2Bs know this is not the case and act otherwise.

While the rest of the world is deciding between turkey and/or vegan gravy options, opportunistic B2Bs know and are acting on these four things: 

1. Holiday season thins out the herd — meaning while your competitors are “making a list and checking it twice”, you are enjoying less competition, less friction, improved connection and communication free from the everyday gatekeepers.  

Revenue.io, a RevOps platform, states “there’s less competition” during the holiday season and found that “reaching leads before our competitors do makes it a lot easier to close deals. And the dearth of competition this month can enable you to generate more of those highly valuable non-competitive opportunities.”

2. Increased activity on the social media and email fronts — during the holidays, people are checking their socials and emails expecting news, updates, promos. This increased engagement (with the right tailored outreach/approach) could result in closed sales, booked meetings and/or valuable connections. 

Take advantage of this increased engagement and realize that even if it doesn’t result in immediate sales, you’re getting ahead of the competition in terms of recognition and can likely book out a completely packed January calendar before you say “ho ho ho”. 

3. Get in early on the sales cycle — while many business activities wind down towards the end of the year, planning and budgeting for the next year often takes center stage. With this in mind, it makes sense to start and align your sales cycle with them before you’re locked out in the new year.   

4. Secure the (oftentimes ephemeral) end-of-the-year bag — many businesses have leftover budgets they must spend (or won’t be replenished in the following year). As such, these businesses are driven to spend that budget on products or services that promise to ROI and position themselves well for the following year.      

Not convinced about selling during the holidays or off-periods? Need some hard facts? Here we go: 

The Stats B2Bs Need To Know About Social Selling During The Holidays

A lot has changed since the pandemic. Remote work coupled with the new definitions of home and work-life balance has completely altered both buying and selling habits. Time spent on social has skyrocketed and un-traditional remote work schedules are either adapting or catching on to these new normals. 

Here are a few recent statistics to help you reframe approaching B2B business and social selling during the holidays: 

For Christmas, the best times to start emailing include the first and second weeks of November, with CTR (click through rates) building almost right up to Christmas Eve. 

HubSpot, an all-in-one CRM, analyzed over 4.5 million emails around the holiday season to distill these statistics and trends. 

B2Bs can take advantage of these increased engagement rates with the right tailored approach — instead of going directly for the hard sale, try relationship building tactics or offering something of value. Afterall, ‘tis the season.  

While you may not be closing deals, Christmas Day and the days following have proven to be prime times to qualify and nurture leads. 

According to Software Advice, a marketing research firm, the week before and the week after Christmas are good times to qualify those leads. Additionally, their data found that “Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are excellent times to send marketing emails (aka "lead nurturing") to prospective customers.” 

Take The Lead ThIs Holiday Season

We’re just about to head into what could possibly be the most productive and fruitful time of the year — many businesses both B2C and B2B have seen the bulk of their revenue from this season. 

If you’re unsure about how to properly capitalize on this season, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re the number one B2B lead generation agency (with over 700 five-star reviews) and we’d love to help you strategize and execute a profitable holiday season campaign. 

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