February 8, 2022

What is a Landing Page? w/Examples

Increasing conversions often means nudging potential leads in the right direction. That’s where a landing page comes in. When it's well-executed, landing pages can give your potential leads the gentle push that they need to act.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a specifically designed web page that serves a single purpose — conversion. Visitors “land” on it from an outside source, like an ad, a search result, or email. When it's done well, a good landing page is an essential component of your marketing strategy.

What separates a landing page from the rest of your website is that every aspect of it focuses solely on one specific CTA (call to action). Intentional design, compelling copy, and minimal distractions keep visitors’ attention and encourage them to do what you want them to do.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two main types of landing pages, lead generation and click-through.

Lead Generation Landing Page

A lead generation (or lead gen) page contains a form for visitors to provide their contact information so that you can stay in touch and keep the relationship open.

Here are a couple of excellent lead gen landing pages:

  • Automation Anywhere presents the offer in as few words as possible and tells visitors exactly what they’ll get. The form is the most prominent part of the page.

Automation Anywhere landing page (automationanywhere.com)

  • Resource Guru is bright and engaging. It features a video clip, testimonials, and awards. Additionally, visitors only need to provide their email addresses for a free trial.

Resource Guru landing page (resourceguruapp.com)

Click-Through Landing Page

A click-through landing page takes visitors to a second page on your site. They could be registering for an event, scheduling an appointment, activating a free trial, or making a purchase. While you might still want their contact information, these landing pages focus on the CTA and getting the click.

Some examples of click-through landing pages include:

  • Notion provides a clear CTA and plenty of helpful imagery. Animated gifs show how the features work, and testimonials offer social proof.

Notion landing page (notion.so)
  • Asana shows that less can sometimes be more. Above the fold, visitors see the headline, subtext, and CTA, and they can scroll down to learn more about the software. The CTA button takes them to a form with one field to create an account.

Asana landing page (asana.com)

There are a few other landing page types, too:

  • Squeeze pages: Like a lead gen page, this landing page seeks contact information in exchange for something. Generally deployed at the top of the sales funnel, it’s light on content and imagery.
  • Sales pages: A sales page seeks to encourage visitors to buy. The detailed pitch highlights the benefits of your product/service and answers potential questions a lead might have.
  • Coming soon pages: A coming soon landing page teases something new. In the meantime, visitors can leave their email addresses for updates and launch day announcements.

What Are the Benefits of a Landing Page?

Landing pages come with several significant benefits:

  • They can increase your brand awareness and reinforce your brand in the minds of your target audience.
  • Showing social proof can boost your credibility.
  • They’re focused and intentionally designed, which can help increase your conversions. Adding features like video can also help.
  • They’re trackable, enabling you to see if they’re working and where they’re most effective.

Popular Landing Page Offers

The goal of your landing page is to convert your visitors into leads or sales. You can achieve this through:

Digital Marketing Institute landing page (digitalmarketinginstitute.com)
  • A free trial, like this one from Moz.

Moz landing page (moz.com)

B2B Marketing Exchange landing page (b2bmarketing.exchange)
  • Free ebooks or whitepapers, like the one Salesforce offers.

Salesforce landing page (salesforce.com)

How to Make an Effective Landing Page

Every landing page is unique to the company creating it, but they all typically share a few basic elements:

  • An enticing headline
  • A unique selling proposition
  • Copy that conveys the value/benefits of your offer
  • A visible CTA
  • Social proof

Your design and layout choices will impact a landing page’s effectiveness. Testing and tracking, like A/B testing, can help you design the best, most effective landing pages possible.

Increase Conversions with Effective Landing Pages

When you want to achieve a specific goal for your business, a landing page can make a lot of sense. With its focus on one CTA and few to no distractions, you can more effectively hold the attention of your visitors and encourage them to act. Done well, it will be more difficult for them to say no.

Do you need help creating effective landing pages? Allow Cleverly to help. We’ll work with you to build customized, on-brand landing pages and optimize them for the best results. For more information and to schedule your free consultation, contact Cleverly today.