December 15, 2022

How To Get New Clients Fast: Our Proven 6-Step Method

How To Get New Clients Using The Dream 100 Strategy

Chet Holmes (a sales legend), says the Dream 100 Strategy “has helped more companies double their sales faster than ANY other single concept."

The concept says there are 100 ideal buyers or partners out there who are perfect for your service, and will spend more and buy more often than every other client. So, companies should spend a disproportionate amount of time reaching out to them.

When we started Cleverly, we took 12 companies who NEVER heard of us and closed two of them, using the Dream 100 Strategy. It only cost us about $250 bucks.

Here’s how we did it:

How To Get New Clients FAST: A 6-Step Proven Framework

Step 1: We made a list of 100 companies who resembled our best clients at the time, and picked the 12 best amongst them. 

Note: if you are just starting out (with few or no clients), you’ll need to learn how to pick perfect (or as perfect) clients — the strategy here is to basically pick companies that are a perfect fit for what you sell or offer. 

Beyond that, you should start with ideal prospects who have a thing or two in common with you. These can include: 1) people local to your city, 2) your college alumni, 3) share similar interests or are in the same or similar groups/affiliations — basically people where you’d have great initial rapport and can build from there. 

Step 2: We found their company address and email address and main contact. 

Step 3: We sent them a free book on Amazon as a gift (“The Alchemist”), with a little note that said something “Clever.” 

Step 4: We mailed them handwritten notes using Handwrytten (did everything for us). 

Step 5: We followed up over email and LinkedIn saying we could get them similar results as our lookalike best clients. 

Step 6: Four of them accepted demos, 2 closed.

Here’s a screenshot of our dream 100 list:

Google Sheet showing part of Cleverly's dream 100 list.

If you want more context, here’s a video of me walking through the strategy:

To recap, make a small list of high-priority accounts that will be easiest to close and go after them relentlessly. 

These lists usually comprise of companies that are similar to your best clients, referral partners that have a strong incentive to send you deals and businesses/niches you’re most experienced in, so you can quickly build rapport.

Now go make your dream clients come true.